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Secondary Transfer

Applying for Secondary School

Moving to Secondary School is a very exciting time for our Year 6 pupils and can also be a time when families may need some support and advice to help them choose the right school for their child.

Your child is in Year 6 so you will need to make an online application to transfer from primary school to secondary school in September 2024.

Important dates

  • 1st September - Make your application online at www.eadmissions.org.uk
  • 20th October - Submit your application by Friday before half term
  • 31st October - Closing date to make applications
  • 1st March - National Offer day

How to Apply

  1. Please visit the Tower Hamlets Secondary Schools Admissions page to access the 'Ready for Secondary School in Tower Hamlets' booklet. This booklet lists all of the Secondary Schools in Tower Hamlets.
  2. You need to apply online before the end of the October half term (date to be confirmed)
  3. You can apply for up to 6 schools
  4. If you are making an application to an independent or faith school, you will need to complete a supplementary form, which you have to get directly from the school and then return back to them
  5. If you are applying to schools not in Tower Hamlets you still need to add the school to your online application form.
  6. If you live outside if Tower Hamlets you will receive a brochure from the borough that you live in.
  7. Children with Special Educational needs or Disabilities will receive a paper application form that will be sent to your home. (You do not need to apply online)

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Moving to Secondary School

How is your child feeling about the move to secondary school?

How are you feeling about your child's transition to secondary school?

Making the transition from Primary School to Secondary school can be daunting and exciting at the same time for children and parents. If you need any help and support, please contact the school office or Jacqui Jenkins.

Here is some useful information that can help you and your child prepare and talk about their transition to Secondary School.

Secondary School Clothing Grants

A school clothing grant can help towards the cost of a school uniform for children aged 11 who are changing from primary to secondary school. Only one grant is payable during a child's school life.

Applications can only be made between 30 June and 30 September each year. Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

For further information please telephone the council's Benefits Contact Centre on 020 7364 5000 or visit the Tower Hamlets website.

Grammar Schools Key Information

Grammar schools will require your child to sit a test. Further information can be found on the local authority or school website. The schools listed below are an example of schools available, there are more Grammar Schools available. 

Bexley Grammar School

Dartford Grammar School

London 11 Plus Grammar Schools

Key Dates for Applying for Grammar Schools in Kent 

  • Registration dates for the Kent Test for children due to start secondary school in September 2025 is Monday 3 June 2024 and closes at midnight on Monday 1 July 2024 - We cannot accept late registrations.
  • The test will take place on Thursday 12 September 2024 for pupils in Kent primary schools, and on the weekend of Saturday 14 September 2024 for other pupils.
  • The results will be sent on Thursday 17 October 2024.

11-15 Oyster Cards

Children aged over 10 years and 11 months  on 31 August can get an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard.