Lunch Menu

You can see our school menus and other information about healthy eating in schools at the My School Lunch website for Tower Hamlets schools.

All our school meals are provided by a contracted caterer who has a healthy-food policy as part of their tender. This includes the use of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as a choice for the children. They provide a hot and cold option, both of which pay regard to nutritional balance and healthy options.

Many children bring packed lunch to school. Please ensure that your child's packed lunch is healthy and balanced and has only one treat, such as crisps or a chocolate bar. We also have a water only policy and do not allow sugary or fizzy drinks.

We endeavour to ensure we follow the menu but items are sometimes replaced with other options due to product delivery. Please note that on Monday, pizza with courgette and red onion will be served instead of Falafal bites. Falafal bite will be served on Thursdays.

During hot weather

  • An ice pack that's frozen (not just cold) will keep the temperature in your lunchbox down.
  • Fill your kid's water bottle the night before and place it in the freezer. A frozen water bottle is another way to keep your lunchbox cool. Plus, your kid's water will be cool and refreshing at lunchtime!
  • After packing the lunch, store the packed lunch box in the fridge so it doesn't warm up on the counter. Just before heading out the door, pop in the frozen ice pack or frozen water bottle.

The school works closely with the other Isle of Dogs Schools in following an agreed local and national policy on healthy eating.

Parents/carers are requested to provide packed lunches in a small named sandwich box/bag and note that cans and glass bottles are not allowed. There's more information in our Food Policy.

Dining Room assistants supervise children during their lunchtime in the hall. Teachers who are having hot meals sit alongside the children at the tables. Lunch Time Assistants supervise children on the playground and we ensure that there are qualified first-aiders on duty.

It may be that your child/ children are entitled to Free School Meals. To claim, you will need to complete a form at your local borough's benefit offices, One Stop Shops (in Tower Hamlets) or by telephoning the benefits service on 020 7364 5000. 

As a parent/carer you would be most welcome to come and view the meals.