The 6Cs

Together we strive for excellence!

See our Reception students' signs for each 6C


We collaborate

We always work as a team and understand that including everyone is important. We know we may not always agree, but work together to make sure nobody feels left out or unheard. We are proud that everybody is welcome at our school.

We care

About ourselves, our school community and the environment. We work hard to keep ourselves healthy and support each other to stay happy and safe. If we are worried about anything or for anyone, we ask for help.

We are committed

We are committed to our learning! We work hard, and know that from great effort comes great success. We learn from our mistakes and ask for support when needed, but also know that it is important to develop our independence by trying our very best.

We communicate

We actively listen to others and spend time thinking about what has been said. We use expert oracy skills to contribute to discussions using respectful vocabulary even when we disagree. We talk openly about our feelings and learning.

We are curious

We are curious about the amazing world around us! We ask questions all the time, and work with our teachers and classmates to find the answers!

We challenge ourselves

We relish a challenge. We believe that the best, most exciting learning happens when we stick at it – even when it’s not easy the first time. We see mistakes as opportunities to learn. We want to learn!