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Assessment for Learning

At Cubitt Town Primary School, teaching staff use formative assessment as a tool to improve the progress of our children. Having a clear understanding of the needs and abilities of all the children in their class enables teachers to plan and teach engaging and challenging lessons.

Children’s learning is closely monitored and assessed, and regular feedback given both orally and through marking codes. Next steps are provided to move learning forward and children are taught how to effectively respond to the feedback provided. Children are also trained how to assess each other’s work (peer assessment) and to reflect on and improve their own learning (self-assessment). This diagram illustrates the cyclical nature of assessment for learning, providing a continuous drive for progress:

AFL is part of teachers’ and students’ everyday practice and should be visible in all lessons and throughout planning and learning. Regular summative assessments take place at the end of each topic to support teacher's formative assessments. For further details on how we use assessment for learning at Cubitt Town, see our AFL policy.

Marking Codes