100% attendance is essential to guarantee the highest possible achievement. Please report pupil absences using this form...

The School Day

Start and end times

Children should be at school before these start times. 

Gates will close 5 minutes after start time. Late pupils will need to come with their parent to the front office to register before they go to class.

The total time children spend at school in a typical week is 32.5 hours.

Year Group Start End
Nursery 8.45 am - 11.45am 12.30pm - 3.30 pm
Reception 9.00 am 3.15 pm
Year 1 8.50 am 3.20 pm
Year 2 8.50 am 3.20 pm
Year 3 8.55 am 3.25 pm
Year 4 8.55 am 3.25 pm
Year 5 8.55 am 3.25 pm
Year 6 8.55 am 3.25 pm

The School Day Poster



Parents are reminded that attendance at school is mandatory. Any absence must be reported to the school office by telephone by 8.30am.

Any term-time absence must be authorised by the Headteacher in advance - please be aware that applications will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. The application form is available from the school office.

Unauthorised absences are subject to action and fines from the local authority attendance team.

Getting your child to school really matters. Did you know...

If your child’s attendance during the school year is...your child would have lost approximately...or they would have missed approximately...
95%9 days50 lessons
90%19 days100 lessons
85%29 days150 lessons
80%38 days200 lessons
75%48 days250 lessons
70%57 days290 lessons
65%67 days340 lessons
If in a school year your child is late everyday... your child would have lost approximately... or they would have missed approximately...
5 minutes 3.5 days from school 20 lessons
10 minutes 7 days from school 41 lessons
15 minutes 10 days from school 55 lessons
20 minutes 14.5 days from school 82 lessons
30 minutes 22 days from school 123 lessons


You should not take your child on holiday during term time. Please encourage punctuality to maintain school attendance.

Remember Absence = Lost Opportunity



All children will have the choice of a hot school dinner or bringing their own packed lunch. If you are providing a packed lunch for your child, it needs to be healthy, and include only 1 treat item (chocolate bar, crisps etc). Water is the only drink allowed in school - juice and fizzy drinks are not permitted. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every day in the hall from 8am and costs £1 per child per day.