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What happens if my child has an accident?

We want children to have the opportunity to play and explore in school as this is how young children learn. However that means that despite all precautions we put in place, they may have minor accidents like cuts and bruises from time to time. This is a natural part of growing up.

We agree with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) view that ‘children should be allowed to play demanding games and risk minor injuries as part of wider lessons in life. It is acknowledged that ‘by scraping knees, grazing elbows and getting bruises, children learn valuable lifelong lessons that will help them to avoid more serious injuries in later life’ (RoSPA, June 2007).

We aim to ensure that there are no accidents in school which could be avoided, whilst encouraging children to play and explore.  We teach them to take responsibility for their own actions and to learn to behave sensibly and follow the school rules.

All staff in school are expected to ensure that children do play and behave sensibly and that equipment is safe and in good condition. Our Premises Managers, Bill and Dave, are proactive about checking the grounds and equipment to make sure that it is safe. Our Senior Midday Meals Supervisors also check the playground before every morning break and every lunchtime.

There are a number of staff in school who are trained first aiders, but all staff are expected to deal with minor accidents like cuts and bruises, just like parents do if their child has an accident at home. A first aider is called if there is a more serious injury, and the school office informed. This includes a badly bumped head, heavy bruising with a headache or distorted sight, possible fractured or broken bones and severe cuts or external bleeding.

Each class has a first aid box and there is a first aid box in the shed on the playground. First aid kits are also taken on school trips. The boxes are checked regularly. The Senior Midday Meals Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that this is complete.

Record Keeping

Each class has an accident book to record for minor injuries in their classroom, with a copy for parents.  Each classroom has first aid forms to record minor injuries, which are sent home to parents. A copy should be kept in the office.

The school follows the Local Authority Guidance on reporting serious accidents, involving hospitalisation, directly to the Local Authority

Informing Parents

Parents are informed of any minor injuries via an email from the Medical Tracker system on which we record all injuries. They will also be spoken to at the end of the school day by the class teacher. They are contacted immediately during the day in the case of a more serious injury including any bump to the head or more serious injuries which may need the child to be taken to Accident and Emergency. Parents will be advised if, in the opinion of the first aider, the child should be taken to Accident and Emergency to be checked.

In the case of a major injury, the Headteacher or first aider will call an ambulance and the parents. If the child is taken to hospital, parents will be expected to accompany their child in the ambulance. If the school is unable to contact the parents, an appropriate member of staff from school will accompany the child.

Please remind your child to tell an adult if they have hurt themselves in school so that first aid can be given. Making sure that your child has lots of experiences of running and playing while they are young as this will help them to avoid having accidents as they get older.