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Pupil Voice

At Cubitt Town we value every voice and want our pupils to have a say in how we can improve our school. We run regular pupil voice surveys and focus groups about different areas of learning, behaviour and the school environment. Feedback is taken really seriously and we often make adaptations and improvements based on what we hear from our pupils.

Here are some examples of recent improvements that we have made based on feedback from pupil voice:

Pupil Leaders

We place our pupils at the centre of all that we do - they are the reason that we are all here! Our pupils are a key part of our leadership team and have a genuine voice in the decisions we take about our school. We have a range of different leadership positions that pupils can apply for including as prefects, sports leaders and digital leaders. We also have an active school council who are elected by their classes to represent their views.


Here are our fantastic Year 6 Prefects for 2023-24. They have a crucial role to play in our school, consistently setting an example to other children. They have a range of duties around Cubitt Town including:

  • Presenting assemblies across the school
  • Taking visitors for tours of the school
  • Helping out the office staff with some administrative duties
  • Reading with younger children
  • Attending external events on behalf of the school

Each year we invite pupils going into Year 6 to apply to become prefects. They write an application form and are interviewed by the existing prefects and Mr Pear. It is just like applying for a job, and the applicants take it very seriously. They have to demonstrate how they meet the job description and explain how they would carry out the responsibilities of the post.

Keisha, one of our current prefects said: 

"Being a prefect is a real privilege. We are role models and have the chance to attend special events as well as show visitors around our school. I really enjoy the responsibility that we have as prefects."

Sports Leaders

Our sports leaders assist our specialist sports teachers and coaches in PE lessons, sports tournaments and at sports day. They act as role models to other pupils, encouraging them to participate, practice and improve their performance.

Pupils going into Years 5 & 6 are invited to apply to become sports leaders. They must complete an application form explaining how they meet the job description. Interviews are conducted by existing sports prefects and our specialist PE teacher, Mr Jose.

Digital Leaders

As we expand our STEM provision, we have a new leadership role for this year. Digital Leaders help with computing support across the school. They will be assisting in our incredible new STEM Lab as well as supporting younger children in becoming digitally literate.

Cubitt Town Primary School Council

Our school councillors act as a consultative body for our school. They meet together to discuss issues and then go back to their classes to get the views of their classmates, and feed this back to the council.

School councillors are elected by their peers. Each year we call for nominations, and candidates campaign ahead of a class poll. Advice on campaigning is given by our Year 6 pupils as part of the whole school democracy week, and campaign videos and posters outlining candidate manifestos - we have some very talented and articulate politicians in our school!

This year some of the work being done by our school council includes finding out how children would like their parents to support their learning at home, being part of the Isle of Dogs Pupil Parliament, and organising events to raise money for the London Air Ambulance.

In July 2023 the School Councillors organised a Wear Red Day and raised £581.63 for the London Air Ambulance! They consulted with children about fundraising activities, did all the publicity themselves, and ran a penalty shoot out and a lucky dip. This is a special cause for our school - we have families of both children and staff who have been helped by the London Air Ambulance, and we are very proud of our school councillors for their hard work in raising such a large amount of money for this important service. This year the School Council have decided to raise money for new resources in our playground and will be hosting a non-uniform day in July.