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School governors are drawn from different parts of the community, such as parents, the staff, the local authority (LA), the community and other groups.

Governors are responsible for promoting high standards, setting targets, the school's finances, the curriculum, appointments, reviewing performance and pay and much more.

Governors can be contacted vis the school office.

Types of Governor

Parent Governors - selected by election (or appointment if insufficient people stand for election) and drawn from parents and carers of children at the school.

Staff Governors - selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school

Co-opted Governors - appointed by the Governing Body to serve the needs of the school

LA Governors - appointed by the Local Authority

Our Governors

Attendance and Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests 2022-23

Governing Body Terms of Reference

Margaret Davies

Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor, Equalities and Year 5 Link

I have been a Governor at Cubitt Town Primary school for 7 years and Chair of Governors for the past 2 years. I am also part of the Finance Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee. I am a retired teacher with 37 years teaching, 30 of them in Tower Hamlets. I first came to Cubitt Town...

Mark Butcher

Vice Chair of Governors, Local Authority Governor, English and Oracy and Year 6 Link

I have been a governor at Cubitt Town since 2016. I currently sit on the Curriculum Committee, and I am Lead Governor for reading and for Year 5. I work for an education charity which trains teachers and school leaders across the UK. The charity works to ensure that every child has the opportunity...

Jackie Bettis

Co-opted Governor

I have been a Governor at Cubitt Town Primary School for 7 years. Previously I was a parent governor when my 2 sons attended the school. I am currently on the Finance and General Purpose Committee at the school and I work closely with the Senior Leaders to ensure the children get the best teaching....

Andrea Palmer

Co-opted Governor, SEN and CP, Online Safety and Year 4 Link

Joined Cubitt Town as a governor in 2017. I am currently the SEN & CP governor at Cubitt Town. I work in the Energy sector, as an IT professional and volunteer at the BCS, Chartered Institute of IT where I'm the Treasurer for BCS Women and a member of the Council. I was asked to become a...

Emma Whitwam

Staff Governor

I’ve been working at Cubitt Town Primary since 2018 and taught across Key Stage 2. Since joining the school, I have seen and been part of the incredible change of amalgamating two schools, becoming an Oracy school and seeing technology embedded into everyday learning. It's great to be the...

Siddiqa Islam

Co-opted Governor, Health and Safety and Year 3 Link

I've been a co-opted governor for the past two years. I had previously worked on the Isle of Dogs for a number of years, delivering new homes for the local area. Through this work I grew to understand some of the challenges faced by families and young people that prevented them from reaching...

Phan Sin

Parent Governor and Parents Link

I have been educated and lived on the Isle of Dogs my whole life. I know the Island well and I love the community the Island has to offer. I have a degree in Graphic design. I have experience designing logos and in web designs. I am still doing this in my spare time to build my portfolio and...

Dr Sharpour Hariri

Co-opted Governor and Digital Literacy Link

I became a Governor in Jan 2020, so still quite new to the school. However, in this short time I have been amazed by the vigour and enthusiasm that everybody in the school, drive forward. There is passion, love and great ambition by the children, as well as the staff and you can feel it just...

John Wu

Co-opted Governor

Coming from the Infant school side of the amalgamation – where I have been chairs of the Finance & Premises and the Curriculum committees, I have held governor responsibilities at Cubitt Town since 2018. Professionally, I work at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), where I draft law...

Cate Marshall

Co-opted Governor

Cubitt has a strong and resourceful Head, Leadership Team and Staff who see no boundaries, only opportunities to enrich the education and ambitions of their pupils. I was very fortunate to be introduced to the School in 2017 by the Tallow Chandlers’ Company where I served on the Court and the...

Nur Chowdhury

Parent Governor

Growing up on the Island since the 80's, I was an alumnus of Cubitt Town. Now, as a father of six, I've witnessed four of my children successfully graduate from Cubitt Town, with two more still actively attending. My commitment to the school and the community led me to serve as a Parent...