Being a scientist at Cubitt Town Primary School

At Cubitt Town Primary School, we aim to develop a love and understanding of science, as well as equip our children with the skills to meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st Century. Children undertake science lessons in a purpose built lab every week where both their practical and theoretical understanding of the topic areas are tested and assessed both during lessons and in a summative project based assessment.

Lesson objectives are taken from the National Curriculum and progression of the learning is carefully mapped out so that each year builds on the skills and knowledge of previous years. Lessons are designed so that children become adept at both scientific thinking and practice. Hands on learning is at the forefront of learning - discovering the result of an experiment for themselves is so much more powerful than just reading about it.

Oracy is used throughout science to better understand the topics. By utilising their own scientific capital they can discuss, share and build upon their understanding before putting their hypotheses to the test. Oracy is also vital for concluding what we have found and promoting scientific thinking, accuracy and best practice to be carried forward in their scientific journey.

The majority of children will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. However, children who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged by working with increasingly sophisticated scientific problems.  Group learning is promoted and allows children of varying confidence to learn and grow together. Our goal is to equip the children with the skills and knowledge they need as they move forward in their education journey but also to prepare them for STEM-based careers that will be of increasing importance in the 21st century job market.​