Design and Technology

Being a designer at Cubitt Town Primary School

At Cubitt Town Primary School, we aim to develop a love and understanding of the multi-faceted areas of learning provided within design and technology, as well as equip our children with the skills to meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st Century. Design and technology is focussed on both the practical and theoretical understanding of the topic areas. These are assessed both during lessons and in a summative project based assessment. A project is planned for each half term and includes areas of learning such as food, textiles, mechanical, electrical, construction and exploring materials for purpose. Each of these projects is broken down into five sections, which should exist in a cyclical process: planning/researching, designing, producing, evaluating and improving.

Lesson objectives are taken from the National Curriculum and progression of the learning is carefully mapped out so that each year builds on the skills and knowledge of previous years. Lessons are designed so that children become adept at theoretical thinking, practical skills and concluding/improving their products.

Oracy is used throughout design and technology to better understand purpose and overcome hurdles. The children are encouraged to discuss, share and build upon their understanding before starting work on the practical element. Oracy is also vital for problem solving and skill sharing to ensure the best possible learning.

The majority of children will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. However, children who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged by working with increasingly sophisticated and intricate problems.  Group learning is promoted and allows children of varying confidence to learn and grow together. Our goal is to give the children all the skills they need as they move forward with both their education but also in the exciting and ever growing world of STEM based careers.