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Brilliant Club Graduation

After weeks of hard work, our Year 6 Brilliant Club had the opportunity to graduate at King's College this week. Arad has written the following account of the day:
On May the 22nd of 2024 the Brilliant Club visited King’s College in the campus at Guys Hospital. We went into a lecture hall that was giant! The host introduced all of the other schools who had also been studying for Brilliant Club. After that we went through a range of tasks with the people sitting next to us, and then ate our lunch. We were introduced to some student ambassadors, who gave us a tour of the amazing campus. They showed us the library, cafeteria and they even have a prayer room! One by one the schools then received their certificates and we felt incredibly proud. Overall, the experience was fantastic and I was honoured to attend. I am now intrigued about studying there when I am older.


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