Philosophy for Children

Sapphire Philosophy for Children Bronze AwardCubitt Town is beginning to recognise the importance of thinking as a basis for children's learning.  P4C as a result, is the ideal tool to stimulate thinking skills. We are now taking part in a minimum of 45mins of P4C during the week.

P4C gives opportunities for critical, creative and rigorous thinking. Pupils at our school are learning to reflect before speaking so that they articulate what they want to say in the best way possible.

The skills that children acquire in P4C carry through to all areas of the curriculum to a staggering degree. The ability to concentrate, to think beyond the obvious, to listen and evaluate and to form their own opinions have extremely beneficial consequences.

In order to evaluate the impact and foresee the progression from one year group to another, each school term we carry out a whole school enquiry which is monitored by co-ordinators.