Our Vision and Aims

Our Vision & Aims

Our Aims

  • To raise aspirations in order that every child reaches their full potential.
  • To ensure that each child is heard and valued.
  • To provide exciting lessons which both pupils and teachers look forward to.
  • To encourage children to be independent learners.
  • To make children aware of the needs and issues of their local and wider environment and prepare them to be responsible members of society.
  • To provide challenging lessons in a safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • To enrich our curriculum with extended learning opportunities for both parents and children.
  • To provide children with the skills to make informed and responsible choices.
  • To ensure parents participate fully in children's learning and school life by providing them with learning opportunities and resources.
  • Through our example children will see the value of respect, listening to the opinions of others and compromise.

Our staff and governors all hold a strong belief that going the extra mile to help children to do as well as they can is the foundation for a good school. Working together with parents and the wider community ensures the addition of a wide variety of skills and talents that contribute significantly to the children's learning.

Our Vision

All children make the progress expected of them by being an actve partcipant in their learning and developing their well-being.

Our pupils will achieve this by:

  • Being safe
  • Being a reflective learner
  • Being a collaborative learner
  • Having high aspirations
  • Being a risk taker
  • Being inquisitive

Our Vision Statement

School Development Plan